Read Through The Bible

Join us for an amazing opportunity for spiritual growth and encouragement together as we read, study, and pray our way chronologically through the Bible

Two Ways To Participate

Use the App (Android, iOS, Amazon, Web).

The Bible section not offers automatic tracking of your progress, audible Bible versions, maps, videos, challenges, and questions.

The Fellowhsip section offers an opportunity for us to encourage each other on a regular basis with our thoughts and observations as we read the Bible together.

The Prayer section offers an opportunity for us to share our praises and concerns on a regular basis.



After installing the app, use the link that was sent out via email to join the fellowship group and sync with the group reading plan.  If you did not receive an email with the link for joining the fellowship group, contact the church office or Randy Peasley

Use the printed guide.

There are two printed guides.

The basic guide contains just the daily reading schedule.  These will be available in the lobby or church office.

The journal guides provide both the reading schedule and space for journaling your thoughts, observations, and prayers.  The journal guides must be purchased online.  Click on the image below to purchase the journal guides.