Our Mission:




A disciple of Christ is one who KNOWS Jesus.

To get to KNOW Jesus requires a personal commitment to learn about the life of Jesus, the teachings of Jesus, and the teachings of the Bible.

KNOWING about Jesus is only the beginning. Developing a personal relationship with Christ through daily communication in prayer, meditation, and the Word of God is essential in truly KNOWING Him.

Messages from the pulpit, classes offered during the Christian education hour, personal Bible Study, and reading sound Christian material are ways of learning the Word of God, the teachings and messages of Jesus, and the power and workings of the Holy Spirit.

When we KNOW Jesus as the Living Word, we learn from the Master.



A disciple of Christ is one who FOLLOWS Jesus.

To FOLLOW JESUS means doing the things He did and living the way He lived. We are to live our personal lives in accordance with Christ’s teachings. Our lives and our service to others should reflect our love for and our obedience to God.

Fellowshipping with other believers makes us part of the community of believers. Fellowship encourages us, challenges us, equips us, and holds us accountable as we FOLLOW JESUS.

FOLLOWING JESUS means we praise God for all he has given us in the promises of His Word.

When we FOLLOW JESUS in our relationships as the body of Christ, we obey the Master’s teaching.



A disciple of Christ is one who SHARES the message of Christ’s love with others.

To SHARE JESUS requires us to build personal relationships with non-believers. These efforts, starting at home and extending throughout the world, often mean stepping out of our comfort zones.

Giving food to the hungry and meeting other material needs in the name of Jesus allows us to SHARE THE HOPE OF CHRIST with otherwise hopeless people in our own community.

We will equip the congregation to become comfortable in speaking to others about their need for Christ.
Organizing short term mission trips and supporting world-wide missionary efforts help us SHARE HIS LOVE beyond our own community.

When we SHARE HIS LOVE through reaching out and serving others, we make more disciples.