Tom Armstrong

John Smart

Dave Pietrangelo

Alex Vert

Our Elders:

Our elders have overall responsibility for oversight and direction of the church. They are to seek, in all matters, the mind of Christ (who is the Head of the Church) through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. They must be able to teach and exhort the church in sound doctrine and refute those who would contradict the truth. Elders are to lead by example and will provide instruction for the maintenance of healthy relationships within the church. They will appoint servant leaders as is necessary to accomplish the mission of the church. Elders are nominated as vacancies occur or as the need arises (acts 14:23; Titus 1:5) and are then voted on by the membership.

Our board of elders includes:

Our Deacons:

Jeff Behling,  Rick Brown, JD Hoolsema, Wes Klier, Mike Mariuzza, Dave Matheny, Nathan Matheny, Andrew Miller, Mike Mariuzza, Adam Steinhauer, Dave Swick, Dave Weir

Wherever special ministry tasks were needed, since the beginning of the church, servant leaders (deacons) were appointed to carry out those tasks. As in Acts 6, where people of “good reputation, full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit” were appointed to the task of caring for neglected Grecian widows, our servant leaders assume responsibility for numerous ministry tasks throughout the life of the church. These Godly leaders increase the quantity and quality of the church’s mission and ministry.